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Our latest ceramics, sculptures and design belongings

On this page, the three dimensions – sculpture and objects created – are shown. Art is tactile and functional and, of course, sometimes modern or experimental ideas. Have a look around our unique pieces of art, whether you’re looking for something for yourself (as a collector) or a gift for someone!

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Sheng PU erh TOU CHA TEA

Awsome energetics

Taiwan Chill at the Kitsimono workshop

Wan Nari & “Buddhist Flow”

Birdsaw Chawan

This promotion is just a marketing trick! Use it!

But beware! There is only one piece of it!

Haiku from the Kitsimono book:

“Granite stone lamp
Nylon thread ‘ Bird’s Nest
Modern Japanese Garden “

Teas and Accessories
paintings and ink paintings

For purchases over 25 000 HUF, home delivery is free only in Hungary!

Did you know that in most cases we use recycled packaging materials?

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