Are you curious about the real Chinese and Japanese porcelain tea design? Turn off the lights!
They used to say that if you really want to get to know something, try to approach it from a different angle. That’s what we did now with some Japanese and Chinese porcelain dishes. Just as the points of interest in tea porcelain were swapped for a short time, so did the light sources. But before everything becomes very chaotic, we hurry to simplify and tell what really happened. Because the photos explain everything, but why and what might still be in question. Or are we wrong?

The story started when we tried what we were doing to illuminate or try to illuminate the tea ceramics – and of course we started the game with porcelain. First the cups then a gaiwan came up in the light-minded experiment and the moment came when we said:

“Turn off the lights! This is not just for us to see.

Let’s show it to our readers and customers on one page of the Kitsimono webshops! ”

So it was. Electric down and we started taking photos without any serious attention and that’s it.

Soon after, insta’ absorbed our photos, and we realized that it was a good game to tune into the’ aura ‘of these things, like some virtual value. Some people like these hidden qualities, and let’s just say many people like to stay children as an adult so much that they will preoccupy light – porcelain – before or after tea – with a flashlight. But what is all this good for?

For us, part of the promotion and give you an idea of ​​how to make your tea accessories even more enjoyable. We have an idea of ​​how to stay infantile tea lovers and give you a post – if you like reading about it. Because not only is there a professionalism, but it is also a carefree pastime. Enjoyment and lightness. We think this is important for tea and it is important to be able to bring both modern and traditional tea. This is true for Chinese tea, Taiwanese tea or Japanese tea. They were told in Chinese, “This is Asia!” Or “Don’t worry, this is Asia!” – and they are absolutely right! Drink tea strictly who has two mothers …

The use of porcelain in tea suggests a sense of prestige in Europe. But of course, it’s a matter of material culture, since elegance has always been a company dependent thing. With trendy expression: demanding… but you should not open such gates as tea is not the showy genre. We like to approach it from where it is visible to us. In the folk art and pottery of the peasant cultures of Europe, the ornament object as such did not exist for a long time only as an ornamented ornament.These were all objects of use. We also feel like with a porcelain gaiwan, which, from a practical point of view, can be admired from an aesthetic point of view. As for the practical side … no maceras, easy everything and a porcelain gaiwan could be a symbol of purity and pure tea. Ease of tea making and aesthetics while drinking tea.

If you are more interested in the selection than in the text or aroused your interest, choose from our tea accessories and tea teaware!