Kitsimono against trash – recycled waste in parcel delivery and product packaging.

It’s hackneyed, but not lost in actuality. So well-known to be boring this problem, but unfortunately unresolved. Deterrent data and desperate attempts to solve the problem. Environmental protection and environmental awareness. Recycling and waste processing, environmental classifications and ecological footprints. Yes, the topic is the full of garbage planet and the drowning globe, the constantly decrease living space and the continuously produced trash.
We cannot practice an expert opinion and we cannot bring about a fundamental change in the process that disturbs us immensely too. We cannot stop the growth of waste mountains and we have no way to contribute to the ocean cleaning, but we can do one thing. We try to slow down the production of waste according to our own possibilities and try to encourage you. How do we do this?

Our products in our webshop are always packaged in recycled packaging materials whenever we can do it. This is not even the case of concrete product packaging, but this private “minimal mission” also extends the package delivery. What to expect if you order something from us?
The courier comes in and you will unpack your package after delivery. Don’t be surprised if you find your purchased items in a shoe box or in any product packaging ever used. You can also be sure of the space filler that it was not first loaded into your box. In order for this to be typical of our workshop and stylish, we are devoting great energy to make the recycled packaging material “related to the topic”. It is natural for us that these packaging materials are clean and we do not unfold even better, as we have already described – this is only natural …

If there is one way, do not automatically throw the packaging material into the trash. If you have the option to reuse the box, the paper, the space filler (etc) please do so too. Believe me, you do a lot of it against littering too!