Making Green Tea Easily – How to Make Asian Teas? II. This time our article is about how to get started on the path of green tea. In many cases, we came across your questions related to making one of our teas or teas. In many cases, we feel that there is a little discouragement behind the thing because you want to make perfect tea right away. Rather, we suggest that for the first time or two, it is worthwhile to make an effort to make a tea that you can enjoy making and consuming. There is no perfect tea, rather perfect moods while drinking tea and your tea-making practice will develop at lightning speed anyway – and it’s all best to suit your own tastes.

The mystery of green teas has grown big in the written media and sometimes the reader may feel a little rightly right that somewhere the essence is lost and after reading a lot of content we are still there that we have no idea how to make it. Many things are described too many times and too emphatically in one place at a time, and the effects of not infrequently exaggerated are sometimes thought to be more real than real. Green tea is not a panacea and does not solve people’s problems. It is more of a help in addition to a healthy life with a healthy outlook and no less an enjoyable item (in our opinion). Therefore, a comfort zone is a “prop” in our reading and as such deserves easy and enjoyable preparation and consumption. In fact. We also say that a perfect alibi and tool is also the so-called. to live “self-time” – in either the urban or rural way of life.

We have launched a video series in which we will try to bring the main tea makers closer to you. Our aim is to provide simple options and basic information – bearing in mind that European tastes can sometimes be different from Asians’ or even if we don’t have to think on this plane, but in practical terms they may. Green teas will be a simple field in that Asian and European practices are not very different (if you can describe them).

Description of the video on the channel:

“In this video, you can also see how an Asian tea is made in such a way that it can be enjoyed to taste and you don’t have to become a team master because of it. After the previous video, you can guess that in this sequel we are trying to help those who want to make good green tea but want to know how they will get it bud “and we hope you will enjoy the presentation of simplified tea.”

…one thing…

Never forget that tea is all about you, about making you feel good and having a nice hot drink. As a motto, perhaps the first sentence, perhaps note that Asian thinking is that it is necessary to find a balance between sweet and bitter flavors in tea making. This is not so much a philosophical approach, but rather a practical one. Because simply then green tea will be good. Bitter flavors can be avoided by paying attention to two main things. One is to use too hot water and the other is to soak. There are two types of soaking. One is when we let the water stand on the tea for too long and the other is when we pour too much tea leaves with too little water.

…another thing…

Made from the leaves of the Wild Tea Trees, the mild but fragrant and tasty green tea known as “Wild tea buds” in the video is made. It is one of the earliest spring-picked teas in Yunnan and, of course, this tea is made from the freshest and first shoots of the leaves. But you can find the rest of the information in the video and if you liked it, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel after watching it and thank you for liking the video!

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