New Tea Has Arrived the Temple of Heaven – Our March News and Novelties Part 2:

First of all, we would like to share with you the information that the delivery from our webshop is still running smoothly and thanks to the courier service there are no delays and all packages arrive on time. This is important because it is not just many of you who are asking and many of you believing that we are not working under restrictions. But we work and we can serve every order! So order with confidence because we can only start your packages once you have placed your order!

Let our news come and we will just say that we will keep news for you for April as well (but then …).

Our new green tea has arrived in the person of the famous “Temple of Heaven”!

This Chinese green tea is one of the highest quality representatives of Gunpowder teas. It consists of classically twisted tea balls and has all the qualities that Gunpowder and green tea lovers expect and can expect from a tea of this category.

To our great pleasure, we have also included her in the offer so that you do not have to be without her either!


Modern gaiwan tea set – tea set for fiber tea lovers

Modern tea making has many layers and genres. In many cases, the phenomenon of someone making tea according to traditional looks is only called the phenomenon of modern Asian or Chinese tea. In today’s urban European existence, good or unusual imitations of appearances have not only become commonplace but have accepted and created new avenues for the enjoyment of art, the love of Chinese teas. Such XXI. This tea set, which is an ensemble of essentially chosen tools, also answers the 19th century Asian tea forms. The traditional Chinese gaiwan is paired with the new style Chinese glass teacup and so everything is ready for us to have tea in pairs at the most perfect self time.

Grab and bring this set now if you want to have a really cozy tea!


Tea strainer for Chinese and Taiwanese tea connoisseurs!

For those who like to consume Chinese and Taiwanese teas, we are not saying anything new by saying that the use of traditional teapots does include a culturally and aesthetically – but most importantly – in a practical sense, a “certain” form of tea filter. Yes, that’s just it! This “is” the tea strainer that is hard to get and whoever gives himself something from Asian tea makers can’t miss one such tea strainer from his tea supplements!


Spring tea set – Sheng Pu-erh tea set

Lovers of spring light teas can easily reach for Sheng-perh teas in the spring and summer. The friendly taste of green tea for the sheng pu erh worlds is not only appealing to fans of the comfort zone, but its easy preparation also leads tea lovers to indulge in something more special variety in their joy over the sun. The popularity of these teas lies not only in the fact that the traditional world of China has perfected these teas to the extreme – but also in the fact that it is lovable both hot and cold and last but not least, ice tea is very excellent in the summer heat.

The tea set represents a perfect aesthetic look in all seasons and moods – it fits well into any interior style and is also a nice choice for outdoor tea.

Buy it for yourself or even as a gift – since Easter is here!


If matcha than make tea and shop matcha tea maker sets and tools!

Making matcha tea requires good “stuff” and the right tools. We can serve all of them from our offer and in addition new matcha teas and accessories and of course sets have arrived. We can serve specialties for both beginners and professionals, and if you really want to have a perfect tea, check out the other categories of the online store, because you can also find ikebana and chabana ceramics with us, and if you want more, we can also serve with kakejiku (Japanese scrolls)!


Stay with us in April too!

Don’t forget that Easter is coming and if you are looking for a gift for your “tea crazy” acquaintances or couples, you will surely find good gifts with us!

The real spring is approaching, the green teas and ikebana, flowering branches and chabana period are coming!

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