We update you with the latest news from our webshop and workshop. Here you can find out about the arrival of our new products and their specialties. You can read articles about teas, graphics and painted pictures and paintings. Here we also share with you if you write down some thoughts on something or if there is / will be some current interest, event or whatever. Content is a bit blogging, but it shouldn’t be surprising these days.

“We travel in art and enjoyment. Our design and art products are characterized by the fact that there is no more than single piece of them, because we never make two identical pieces of art. Building a comfort zone and allowing fusion of interfering cultural areas…”

What is this all about? Performing arts from the world of tea and ceramic and design culture. Workshops and fine arts activities from Kitsimono. Ceramics, paintings and artwork fused with Japanese and European art concepts. Tea pottery and drawings – retail of design products, specialty Asian teas and comfort products.



09:00 ~ 19.00


09:00 ~ 21.00