Pu-erh tea in the spotlight – new pressed teas have arrived and you can already buy them and choose from them. This time we have brought puers for your everyday demanding tea – making, which you have been looking for in Hungary before and partly because of their packaging they are more favorable for your tea – making – as not everyone likes 375 g packaging. Although we are so “snobs” that we prefer fermented discs that can be placed in three – seven – five Chinese “number mystics”, we must bow before you because there are very good red teas in the world of 100 g for Pu erh tea lovers! In a word, like a hundred, here are our new pressed white and red teas already on offer. There are some of them that we will not always be able to keep in stock, because they are simply not made in Guangxi every year, but now it is out of the moment … Look around quickly and in view of the summer, don’t forget tea!

A white Pu-erh of the unusual:

Jasmin Silver Needle Beeng Cha – pressed white tea in limited edition from Guangxi production area from China!

This is the tea you will like if you like light teas and harmonious flavors and aromas. If you are looking for or like floral and natural tickets. If important is the ease of preparation and the peaceful smooth and soft Chinese tea chill.



Black Pu-erh brick – “tea chocolate” for lovers of closeness to nature!

One of the lovely pieces of spring red Puerh teas can be in your collection or simply the most elegant entry into the world of quality pressed Chinese black teas (red teas)! A rank for novice tea makers and a familiar taste for professionals!


100g Beeng cha for real tea-loving faces!

This is not “this” tea! This is not going to make you want to experience tea drunkenness. This will be more what you take if you crave something good that snacking or neutral fluid intake can’t provide but still requires some good inner peace after a cup of tea. Inner peace? Yes. This is the inner peace that you can experience with this tea so that after consuming it you do not want anything but the aftertaste of this Pu – erh tea …


Of course, we don’t just have these three types of tea that we can recommend to lovers of Pu-erh teas. If you are wondering what else we can give or we still have from these Chinese Camellia masterpieces, take a look at our offer!

Let’s take a look at the complete Pu-erh tea offer!