Summer promotions and news in the Kitsimono webshop instead of Black friday!


If we started with the novelties, we could also say black matcha day instead of black friday, but that would not be true either. But let’s start at the beginning. Let’s look at the promotions! One or the other promotion is quite favorable and 100% favorable for the buyers and since these are exceptionally the more expensive and unique pieces, it is worth looking at it because we only hold the promotions until about school start! Not after that. You have some of months to reach into the pottery offered with up to 50% off and save some money.

 News! – The liveliness of matcha tea and the cult of black:

Our novelties are currently favorable for lovers of matcha tea and lovers and cultivators of the Japanese tea ceremony (and of course for those who now want to try making matcha tea or are just looking for someone with such a gift). These novelties are based on the black color of the special Japanese cultural attitude of the so-called around the concept of “kuro”. The so-called Kuro’s attitude has a very pleasant implication that the green of matcha tea lives on it most aesthetically. The aesthetics of tea and the enjoyment value of Japanese tea can be enhanced visually and nothing is more pleasant than responding to these possibilities with ceramics – with artefacts from one of the indispensable branches of art in Asian tea culture!

Japanese matcha set in black – tools for making Japanese green tea

Tools for making Japanese green tea in one package. The almost indispensable tools for making classic or traditional Japanese matcha tea can now be purchased bundled together. The package contains four parts. It has a chasen, a chawan, a kusenaoshi and a chasaku. Each item in the package is a product made in Japan.


Wan nari chawan with bamboo pattern and “buddhist flow” 02.

Hand-patterned wan-nari chawan made of dark brown stone pot fired on high fire with whitish glaze. The stylized, scratched decoration on the outer wall of the teacup can depict either bamboo or reed, with ducks flying up. Its shape and color match both organic and neutral modern and postmodern interior design. This pottery toured Taipei and its environs. He visited many points of Ximending, most of the iconic places of Elephant mountain, Jiufen, tea mountains and plantations and “hacked” the aura of many city monuments and churches with their unexpected appearance and placement – faithful to the conceptualist motifs of the performing arts …


Matcha set – tools for making Japanese green tea – “KURO”

Matcha set – Japanese green tea making tools in one package. The almost indispensable tools for making classic or traditional Japanese matcha tea can now be purchased bundled together. The contents of the package consist of three parts. It has a black so-called kuro chasen, a kusenaoshi and a chasaku. Each item in the package is a product made in Japan …


Tea boat with kurama surface for modern Chinese tea 01.

Modern tea pottery with Kurama surface for Chinese and Taiwanese tea making. The bowl-shaped pot is an additional part of the teapot among the tools of modern Asian tea ceremonies. The handmade ceramic is a unique piece of artistic design. The kurama surface is a reference to the Japanese traditions of tea making and the form is of Chinese origin. It is an element of the world of urban contemporary tea art, which is suitable for the realization of the functional motifs of the tea ceremony …


Chasaku – Japanese matcha tea dispenser in bamboo case

Chasaku is a bamboo steamed matcha tea dispenser. In Japanese tea ceremonies as well as in everyday life, this is the most ideal way to add powdered green tea into the chawan or cup. The handmade tea supplement is a fine workmanship, matching the sophistication of traditional Japanese tea making. In the bamboo case we can always store it with sufficient security or take it with us to a tea ceremony course or to learn to drink tea or just by making a matcha with someone somewhere …


Mini chawan for tea and coffee and “buddhist flow” 03.

Handmade high-fire fired “aperitif and tea pottery” next to utensils used for Japanese, Korean and Chinese dishes. Its form conforms to the known types of chawan, but it cannot be fully classified into either type. The mini chawan combines several style cues, from han tsutsu – gata, badarai, momo – gata, kutsu – gata chawanas – while chirimen can be called a vessel based on kodai. The outer part of its surface (geometric mantle in spots) is slightly carved, its inner part is curved. Iron oxide reddish tones prevail on the outside, blue and green effects appear on the inside …


Matcha tea for Japanese tea ceremony 40g – ceremony quality

Whether it’s making modern or traditional matcha, the tea you need for it never changes. Most often, as the idea is given, Japanese matcha tea is used to make this tea. It is now well known that there are not only powdered green teas of Japanese origin. China also has a history of growing and producing matcha raw material. This classic powdered green tea differs from the Japanese matcha world in that it comes from China. Its characteristic intense green color and sweet taste are popular – due to the high levels of chlorophyll and amino acids. The rich taste of matcha is basically enjoyable as a tea in two ways. It can be made into usucha (dilute tea) koicha (thicker tea).


What is this “Buddhist flow” thing?


We targeted the island nation of Asia, referred to as the heart of Asia, and set out to see if they work in Asian reality in the same way as on our workshop shelves, or rather put it visually to test what we see our chawanas as they are or really are as they are. Without the initiation of an art-savvy audience, we pushed down a performance concept that started with the idea of a Buddhist story. The task (the concept) was to pick up the carefully selected teacups and take them from the workshop to many points in Taiwan and exposing them to the selected places …