The ceramic shown in the picture is the same as what I get?2019-01-16T23:54:08+00:00

Yes, every photo is made of the ceramic that we will send to you after your order. You can be sure, what you will unpack and handle, because these ceramics are unique products that do not make two identical.

Can I watch the ceramics and the paintings live?2019-01-16T23:43:13+00:00

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide this. That’s why we try to present every product in our webshop as much as possible from as many sides and angles as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Can I take my order somewhere personally?2019-01-16T23:41:21+00:00

At the moment, we can only send the ordered products to the location indicated as the shipping address by courier service.

How much is the shipping fee?2019-01-16T23:39:31+00:00

Shipping charges may vary from country to country!
For detailed information, please contact us or read our Terms and Conditions!

Are the ceramics seen in the webshop are coming from Japan?2019-01-16T23:30:36+00:00

No, the ceramics shown in the webshop are domestic workshops.

If you would like more information or questions about any of us, please feel free to contact our Customer Service – we are happy to help you.

I’ve ruined my order! I want to change it. What to do?2019-01-16T23:28:06+00:00

First of all, calm down, there’s nothing wrong. There are people who sitting behind the computer and orderings, we will solving. Write us an email, or if you don’t go very different, call me. Let us help you. It is important for us you are to be satisfied!

I’d like to send a gift somebody. What should I do?2019-01-16T23:20:23+00:00

First and foremost, let us know as soon as possible before the package is sent. In this case, please provide us with an address where we can send out the invoice – if you do not want it to be included in the package.

What kind of courier do you work with?2019-01-16T23:17:11+00:00

The Kitsimono Webshop’s partner is the GLS courier service. They deliver our packages.

Would you interested in media appearance? Would you appear on our website or article?2019-01-16T23:13:08+00:00

With this kind of inquiry, everything depends on what you want and where. We respond to, and talk about, cultural, artistic, lifestyle, and similar inquiries. We ask you to start with any such inquiries by e-mail.

I’m an Influencer, am I interested in you?2019-01-16T00:07:40+00:00

Although this is the other way around, it is usually the influencer that you are looking for, but if you have already developed it, contact us and see. We do not consider the influencer phenomenon to be a devil, but for this we have to win our liking, not enough for us if there are many followers. So on it, write to us!