Kitsimono Trend and Promotion. Our trend is our art and tea art. These artistic attitudes approach design and interior art with the world of contemporary art, graphics and painting, and ceramics. Japanese and Chinese art in the light of European and Hungarian art. Specialized retail of fine arts and fine arts. Unique gift ideas that convey the imprints of culture. Art flow trends in response to Japanese and Chinese contemporary art. Modern tea art and quality loose leaf tea articles and descriptions, and suggestions for making them, tailored to European needs. Culture blog for Asia lovers and Japanese culture lovers. Natural tea from the love of gastronomy and coffee to find harmony and peace of mind. Art for the body and art for the soul. Ideas born on the borderline between esotericism and rationality that can be lived on both everyday and public holidays. Online artist shop and tea shop for everyone who loves the art and tea flicks.

In many cases, things that are born in our workshop are accompanied by thought or philosophy. These are the posts we are writing here for you to get information about everything you either don’t understand or just made you curious. Shop from our webshop so you can’t buy what you see here, because the Kitsimono workshop is for you to deliver to us, not us. This is the message of our direct art and thus can be as accurate as possible.

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